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use the following search parameters to narrow your resultsI'm pretty sure that's correct. There's nothing underneath the cabinet or the sink. It's just a small little hole in the cabinet.

Aug 29, 2017 · At the back of the medicine cabinet was a tiny slot for disposing of use shaving razors. But the slot was actually nothing more than a hole in the wall. dirty used razor blades would pile up ... Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets winning at slots in a casino Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets play casino games online uk players y8 poker Razorblades in the wall... | Razor Blades In Walls | Wall razor blade slot in medicine cabinet - there was one in my Grandmother's house. She kept finding razor blades on the basement floor and finally figured out that when Granpa put the blade in the slit it was going through the wall into the basement. razor blade slot in medicine cabinet--we have these in our house now--post war cape cod. Old time medicine cabinets had a slot in the back for used The upstairs bathroom medicine cabinet/mirror has one of these slots. There's a little storage area behind that wall (my husband calls it a troll door) and they fall in there. We found old razors there after we moved in. Old houses are weird.

Jan 6, 2017 ... Answer: Following the invention of razor blades by King Gillette in 1903, it was ... known as razor blade banks, were used in home bathrooms and ... until a bathroom medicine cabinet outfitted with a slot in its back was offered. Blades placed in the cabinet's slot fell down through a wall to the ground below. - Canada's most comprehensive job search engine. Find your dream job today! Postmedia Solutions

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Some old houses have a razor blade disposal slot inside the medicine cabinet. When you drop blades through this slot, they fall between the walls. If you live in an older house, check to see if your medicine cabinet has a slot. If it does, and you plan to remodel, be careful tearing out … Drop blade here | Huffygirl's Blog Feb 27, 2012 · But the one amenity that was always included, was a slot in the bathroom wall or inside the medicine cabinet that proclaimed “Deposit used blades here.” The slot was just big enough to drop in a double-edged, old-fashioned razor blade, the kind almost no one uses any more. Razor blades found in walls during remodeling! - House In the old days, there was a slot in the medicine cabinet to drop the used razors behind the wall. Mine still has it and I am sure there are razors back there. My house was built in 1923. Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets

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